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Online-register for psychological counselling in the Studierendenwerk Darmstadt.

PLEASE NOTE: For registration a short message is sufficient.
We will then inform you via Aygonet about the further procedure and current waiting times.


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Registration for online communication with the Psychotherapeutic Counselling Centre (PBS)

In order to offer you encrypted written communication and data exchange with the counsellors of the Psychotherapeutic Counselling Centre (PBS), we use the software AYGOnet Coach (provided by Die Medialen GmbH, Bonn). The service is free of charge. AYGOnet does not store IP addresses of users and AYGOnet employees do not have access to encrypted data. You can find more detailed information about AYGOnet at:
When you click on the link on our website you will be redirected to the AYGOnet registration page. No data is collected on the Studierendenwerk website, data transfer and storage is encrypted.


When registering, you will be asked to enter a user name (actual name or alias) and password in order to access the encrypted electronic mailbox. You are responsible for protecting your access data from unauthorized access. You can optionally provide your e-mail address so that you will be informed of incoming messages in your AYGOnet mailbox by an automatically generated e-mail. In order to read the messages you have to log into your AYGOnet mailbox. In general your messages in AYGOnet will only be answered by the counsellors of the Psychotherapeutic Counselling Centre of the Studierendenwerk.

Deleting your account:

You can delete your AYGOnet account at any given time. In this case, all messages and your profile information will be deleted. If you are attending psychotherapeutic counselling, i.e. if there have been face-to-face/video sessions, your counsellor is obliged to create a paper-based file including printouts of your written communication - except those for purely organisational reasons such as appointments. As mandatory retention periods Documentation and retention requirements according to the Professional Code for Psychological Psychotherapists in Hessen (Berufsordnung der Landeskammer für Psychologische Psychotherapeutinnen und -therapeuten Hessen §8 Abs. 1) or BGB (§§630a, 630f)). apply to these client files, the deletion of your online account does not involve the simultaneous deletion of the printouts included in your paper-based file.
If an AYGOnet account has not been used for a year, it will be automatically deleted.
If your account has been deleted and you subsequently wish to contact the Psychotherapeutic Counselling Centre again, you will have to create a new account as your previous account information and messages cannot be restored.
In case we change the registration process and the software for online communication, you will be informed via your AYGOnet mailbox in advance to allow you to back up your data. After the termination of the AYGOnet software, all accounts and the associated data will be irrevocably deleted.

Please note

that we provide counselling sessions only in person or via telephone/video call. AYGOnet is only used to enable encrypted communication in order to arrange counselling appointments and, if necessary, to exchange written materials and information during the process of counselling.

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